Although some cultures are not considered to be a reading culture, still we see the rise of blogs all over the world and especially in those cultures which you wouldn’t expect to read. Interesting development because it seems to be that people are willing to read once it connects to relevant issues of their day to day life. On different areas it seems to be the right place and time. 

Long tail search
Somehow this is visible in one of the latest changes within Google. The value by the search engine of longtail search patterns has grown. People are less likely to search on keywords these days, but they type in full questions, long tail. Your SEO manager wants to tap into that, because it will help to get your content indexed better on Google. You may know that the worst place to stay these days online is on the second tab of Google search results.

A five minute read of an article that supports the life story of the reader, either based in expert knowledge, skills or real life experience is more and more catering to the need of the people that are connected. Bloggers are steady part of the top influencers online in the world. A lot of time connected with different social media platforms.

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Google first
Just tap into your own experience. When you have some leftovers in the refrigerator and you run out of options what to prepare for dinner: what do you do? If you want to buy a new phone where do you check the reviews and the specifications? If you are worried about the cough of your kid? Call a doctor or Google first?

Especially in the field of personal belief, people are less and less trusting organisations and institutes to find direction

One step deeper. If you are online looking for answers, do you prefer a page that talks about their great organisation and all the things they have achieved… Or Do you prefer a story that is supporting your life and helps you to put food on the table, find the right phone or helps you to fight the cough of your kid? Or helps you to give direction to your life.

Especially in the field of personal belief, people are less and less trusting organisations and institutes to find direction. Although it is not science to build trust. They are open for shared experiences (social proof) and real life stories of people that dealt with the same issues they are facing and learn how they got through.

Template blog
Actually it is very simple to write blogs. Especially when you write from a personal perspective. In a way you try to connect your personal experience with your target audience (persona). Without preaching you share in that story what have worked for you. If appropriate you can add some humor. You never try to convince people, you share your life. That’s the basis.