To inform Christian outreach media industry of theories and practices that will enhance their impact in building of the kingdom of God. In particular, to convey the idea that media can be used strategically to find persons of peace who can reach their friends and relatives.


Regular posts of around 500 words, written in language that is understood by the normal Christian worker. Aim to keep each post light and illustrated by a story – much like Wall Street Journal. Each post should answer these questions for the reader: What is it (the concept),  What does it mean to me (relative) and finally How can I use it? (Call to actions).


The blog will be open for general consumption, with regular updates. Posts will contain links to more detailed information and other background reading. Content is aimed to appeal to three specific audiences:

(1) media organisation partners (producers, broadcasters, distributors, researchers, and field workers)
(2) financial partners
(3) media practitioner partners (content end users).


Blog posts will be publicly accessible. Screened membership available by application using the form on the site. All applications will be carefully vetted before approval, for security and ministry reasons. Registered members will have access to ‘premium content’ including:

• Ability to comment and interact with other members
• Trend and Case studies
• Webinars and suggested content
• Email newsletter featuring links to more in-depth ideas that are not right for public availability or consumption.