A few blogs ago I spent quite some time to explain some of the basics of Instagram. As time is passing by they have decided to make some changes, so I thought it will be helpfull to update you on this and share some of my thoughts on how this is changing the way you can be present on Instagram.

Two changes
The two mayor changes that I want to highlight had to do with the timeline of this platform and the video option they provide. Although a frequent user probably is able to highlight more like the slideshow video they facilitate right now,  some changes in the grid and filters they provide, but the first two I mentioned have probably the most impact on your strategy on this social media. In this blog I will talk about the first change. Different timeline.

One of the most common mistakes I see when I connect with organisations that ask me to review their account has to do with the post itself and the way they post. This is important to address because both things will affect the reach now Instagram decided to use an logarithm in it in stead of the linear one they used to have. They start to tap into the behavior of their users to see if they will present your post to your audience and to which part of your audience. Their mayor reason for that is that they say an average user misses 70% of the updates. So they make choices for you. Yes censorship.

[stag_video src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n56R4KdlyJ0″]

Engage ongoing
This means that having someone following you is just the first step. Make sure that they keep on liking you (in this case double tapping you) is as important or even more because this will show your credibility. If someone likes your page but doesn’t like the next updates you do, they probably will show less of your posts to this particular user.

Interactive mentality
So you really have to think about what you post and connected to that, how you are going to interact with your followers. Through this change this platform will turn against you when you have a ‘send mentality’, an attitude in which you are only interested to share your message to ‘catch’ people and not are really interested in who is interacting with you. So if you want to stay active or become active on Instagram make sure you have an interactive mentality.

Invest in followers
Shame on you when you just post your Facebook pictures with the same description on Instagram! At least pay attention to the picture and way of describing (#hashtags remember) and preferably you use different visuals because the audience has a different perspective on what you share. They are more focused on the beauty of an image than it’s initial message. Don’t wait until you are followed or buy followers but invest as well on following other and give specific comments on what they share (beyond ‘great post’ please…).

So if you want to stay active or become active on Instagram make sure you have an interactive mentality.

Monitor the beat
Another thing that is helpful in this process is to look back on your last ten posts and try to learn from them. Print them, put them on a screen and talk about it with your team. See if you can discover a pattern. Since the platform is continuing changing you have to monitor ongoing and hop on the learning track non stop. One example. On my personal page I discovered for instance that posting around 7am and updates on a specific topic posted at that time received the most engagement. So I tried to tap into that more.

In one of my next blog I hope to update about the second mayor change regarding video.

Image Lubitel 166 by David Clow on flickr.com (common creative)