The world of ministries are far to focused on numbers instead of impact if you ask me. Although I am totally in favor of setting KPI’s for online campaigns, the challenge is to find the performance indicators that tell something about impact over quantity. We seems to be blinded by big numbers of reach, views or impressions. But in it self… they say nothing at all. 

To be honest I am walking this path not that long, but am determined to find the right indicators that tell me something about impact. I come across a lot of people that can’t wait to tell me their reach (talking Facebook now and if you really want to make an impression, try to add impressions to your talk, most of the times they can at least triple your reach!). Actually sometimes I do it myself, just to test if the one I am talking to understands what we are putting on the table. Sorry for that guys. Like I said… it does not say anything if you can’t make the right interpretation!

Engagement and reach
Talking about reach alone doesn’t make sense. I can present you a big reach if … I have enough money to boost for instance. But if nobody is interested in what I boost, the impact is zero. Connecting this reach to the number of people engaged will help a lot and is one of the indicators I try to use. When the engagement from the reach is growing (This means people you reach actually do something as well), you are probably doing something right. Either you build a strong persona with a good set of keywords in your boosting strategy or (‘and’) you understand the needs of your target audience very well. If you want to dig some more into this indicator it is interesting to see what percentage of your fans is engaging on this post. Since they are clearly on your hand already. This will answer the question if you keep on having impact with the same people.

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Combine outcomes
Another indicator that is interesting to dive into are the measurements that show the video views. First of all it is interesting to understand what is considered as a view. Different platforms have different standards for that. The 3 seconds of Facebook are a different ballgame than the 30 seconds of YouTube to be counted as a view. Apart from that it is interesting to see how many people complete a clip (this means have watched it for at least 95%). Another approach can be that you connect the minutes watched to the number of people that watched the clip and the duration of the clip. The key is most of the time combining the right outcomes that will help you understand impact and gain more insights than the separated measurements.

Lower impact
There is a lot to say about editing your video right for online. Too much for this blog. But you can imagine that when the credits at the end of your video are over 10% of your footage the online performance is dramatically influenced since only geeks online will watch the credits. So if the average user stops before that you probably have a lower percentage finished views as is actually the case and the impact is bigger than you realize. Hope this makes sense to you! Every detail is worthy thinking and talking about.

The key is most of the time combining the right outcomes that will help you understand impact.

Various factors
One of the things with impact indicators is to find a way to transfer them in a percentage or an understandable weight between 1 and 10 for instance. In that case you can easily track the fluctuation of the performance indicators in different time frames, on  a monthly basis for instance. By the way it is not very easy to set indicators that can be used by all organisations. It depends on various factors. The type of content you use is one. What you are aiming for is another. The platform you use.

Ask yourself these questions.
– Who is our target audience?
– How are we supporting their life story?
– What measurements indicates engagement? Are there measurements that shows deeper engagement (impact)?
– Can we put the different ways of engagement into an order of importance?
– Is there a way we can transfer this in a percentage or weight?

Image Impact by Derek Raugh on (common creative)